Chateau d’Argy: The Bridal Suite

What is the purpose of a Bridal Suite?

There are a million decisions to make when planning a wedding and reception.  What do we want to eat?  Where are we going to get the decorations and flowers?  What color of linens?  One of the most overlooked luxuries in this time of decision making–does my venue have a Bridal Suite?

A Bridal Suite is a beautiful space where a bride can get fully prepared for pictures, walking down the aisle, and virtually eliminate the risk of running into the groom before the time is right.  It is a place where words of generational wisdom can be shared from Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, Aunts, or from Great Friends.

Your Bridal Suite acts as a quick get away from the party to touch up your makeup, use your private bathroom, adjust your clothes, or even just have a dedicated place of quiet before going back to your guests.

A Bridal Suite can also be a secured location for your precious wedding items.  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, family heirlooms, and even precious keepsakes from family, friends, and loved ones.  It acts as a home based for the evening’s activities.

At Chateau d’Argy, our Bridal Suite boasts a beautiful pedestal and over sized mirror, a mannequin for your dress, vanities with mirrors for your hair and makeup needs, gorgeous antique furniture, a large private bathroom, and even a kitchenette and dining table for brunch and mimosas with your girls.

Bridal Suite Checklist:

To maximize your time in the Bridal Suite, you want to ensure you have:

  • Makeup/Makeup Artist
  • Photographer
  • Under garments and heels (insoles for comfort)
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Your Veil (and a Steamer or Iron for your Veil)
  • Water and Snacks (staying hydrated is important & don’t forget a straw to keep your makeup intact)
  • Lotion/Perfume
  • Recreational beverage of your choice
  • Gifts for Mother-in-law, Brides maids, and even Flower Girls
  • Mints, toothbrush, deodorant, Chapstick,
  • Garter, bouquet, camera
  • Phone charger

Not all wedding venues have a designated preparation area specifically to help brides get ready for their big day.  Chateau d’Argy knows how important your big day is, but we equally understand how important it is to take care of YOU during your day.

Have something special that you want? Want to order food, drinks, etc.? Just let us know! Our staff would be happy to help make your big day magical!